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Boto the Pink Dolphin


★ Pumping Creativity! Jumping Recognition! A Prodigal Educational Game App: "Boto the Pink Dolphin!" Created by specialists in child education ★The 4th adventure of Boto the Pink Dolphin “Rojo & The Cave Maze”
Thief broke into the house of Ghost, Grey whale, and stole Magic BallIt is no doubt that the thief is Magician Rojo, Giant Squid living over Cave Maze!How could the Boto and friends overcome complicated cave maze and get the magical crystal ball back?
■ Boto the Pink Dolphin is?Boto the Pink Dolphin is an educational game for kids aged 3 to 6 based on a curriculum developed by an institution specialized in early childhood education. Join cute pink dolphin Boto and his aquatic friends for exciting adventures in the mysterious underwater world!
■ What’s special about Boto the Pink Dolphin?1. Based on a curriculum designed by an institution specializing in education for the gifted to promote kids’ cognitive ability and creativity.2. A system introducing relevant areas of development and providing feedback to parents.3. Subtitles and multi-language narrations (English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese and Bahasa Malaysia) for reading and foreign language skill enhancement.
■ Play-based learning contents of Boto the Pink Dolphin★ Games for Cognitive Ability and Creativity: Mazes, puzzles, patterns ★ Creative Drawing: Draw whatever you like guided by your imagination!★ Story Sticker Book: Let’s play together with creative stickers!★ Games of the Day: Enjoy 60 games for cognitive ability and creativity randomly!★ Encyclopedia: What do the Boto and friends eat? Where are they living? Let’s find out from encyclopedia★ Animation: Enjoy “Rojo & The Cave Maze” with Amusing animation!
■ Boto 4 "Rojo & The Cave Maze": Learning contents by stages1. Spatial structuring, Logical thinking: Help Ghost clean up the mess.2., Enhance organization skills and space perception ability: Find the traces of the thief with Boto, and put them together. 3. Enhance problem-solving skills, sense of direction and space perception ability: Pass through the Cave Maze with Cachalot the Sperm Whale.4. Enhance organization skills and space perception ability: Unlock the padlock with the figure board.5. Improve perception, agility and coordination between the eyes and hands: Win the fight with Rojo to rescue the friends and regain the magic crystal ball.6. Improve numeracy and agility, along with memory: Remember the way Kaka Lot the Sperm Whale moved to go back the right way.7. Drawing to improve creativity as well as fluency, flexibility, sensitivity, sophistication and originality.
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